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Health and diet is one of my major concerns lately. With my touching 40s, I find myself fighting health related issues quite often. I am here chalking out a `healthy eating’ resolution plan and my son has his first item ready to add in my `To Eat’ list. It’s a Carrot Cake. Well, that’s my boy! So `Yes! I’m going to have my cake and eat it too’. My new mantra will now be “Some days you eat salads and exercise regularly, some days you eat cupcakes and refuse to put on pants. It’s called Balance”.

Leaving the pun aside of my healthy eating resolution, I ask myself a question. How can I build my immunity? The answer is staring right at my face. It’s in my Kitchen and from today I shall call it my `Kitchen Pharmacy’. The simplest ingredients, herbs and plant properties can build your health and immunity in spite of the junk we take inside us. All this reminds me of my mom’s golden words mentioning about the medicinal value of different ingredients used in our everyday cooking.

Our Kitchen Pharmacy, has all the various ingredients present which are of great medicinal value. Here are some age old remedies that works.

  • When one has a really bad cold, and can’t breathe, make a tea with fenugreek seeds. It breaks up the mucous too make breathing easier.
  • To clear sinuses, inhaling garlic juice is a great way.
  • To stop vomiting, drink juice of tulsi leaves mixed with a little cardamom powder.
  • For sore throat, gargle with warm salt water
  • For diarrhea and dysentery, mix a teaspoon of ground methi (fenugreek) seeds mixed with butter milk and drink it. Also, Pomegranate juice is good for mild diarrhea and dysentery.
  • For gastric trouble, during meals take five to ten small ginger pieces to which a little salt and lemon juice has been added.
  • For high blood pressure, boil a handful of drumstick leaves (moringa) in about two glasses of water till the leaves are soft. Strain and cool. Drink this water on an empty stomach in the mornings. 


    The table lists the Vitamins essential in our body and which is easily available in our day to day food that we eat

Nutrients, Proteins & Vitamins

Vitamin A Found in butter, egg yolk, cheese, liver, fish liver, spinach and carrots. This Vitamin helps to build up resistance to disease. It assists good eye sight and provides glowing skin.
Vitamin B Found in peas, beans, kidney, liver, milk, lean meat, rice and tomatoes. `B’ complex aids good appetite and digestion, healthy nerves, healthy heart and ability to relax.
Vitamin C Found in fresh fruits like black currants, oranges, lemons, tomatoes, green peppers, liver and spinach.


Helps in resisting infection, specially colds, bronchitis and other diseases of respiratory tract.

It is also needed for healthy gums and mouth.

Vitamin D Contained in fish liver oils, eggs, butter and milk. Vitamin D is also manufactured in the body when the skin is exposed to sun shine. Promotes strong bones and teeth. This vitamin allows calcium, phosphorus and other important minerals to be utilized by the body.
Vitamin E Called the fertility factor, it can be found in wheat germ, peanuts, egg yolk, milk and butter.


Promotes healthy heart action, strong muscle action and good skin. It is associated with the reproductive system and has been of value in cases of infertility and recurring miscarriages.
Vitamin K Found in green vegetables especially spinach, carrot, beetroots and in so many other foods. Aids normal blood clotting. A lack of this vitamin produces tendency to hemorrhages.
Vitamin P Found in peel of oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits. Quantities of this vitamin are necessary to have healthy blood vessels and normal blood pressure.
·         Soya beans can replace meat as they contain as much protein as meat does.

·         Have sprouted pulses, wheat or soya beans at least twice a week, to get loads of extra vitamins.

(Extracted from Home Encyclopedia by B Lobo)

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Priya Poojary
Priya Poojary
As a blogger, my ultimate goal is to help my readers love, celebrate and enjoy the different cuisine recipes from across the states in a healthy and positive way.

Priya Poojary

As a blogger, my ultimate goal is to help my readers love, celebrate and enjoy the different cuisine recipes from across the states in a healthy and positive way.

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